The Sestra Care Facial Oil is an excellent night and day treatment oil, formulated to help soothe and reduce the appearance and signs of ageing and assists in restoring moisture balance to your skin. It is infused with some healing herbs like Plantain and Dandelion. 


  • reduces the appearance and signs of ageing (Be careful when stating something is anti-aging, healing etc. Instead you could say “Prickly Pear Oil and ____ aids in reducing the appearance and signs of ageing”. This will also help you customers understand why some of the ingredients are in a product and what they do.)
  • lightweight and therefore doesn’t clog pores 
  • regenerates, softens and revitalises your skin  
  • acts as a barrier to lock moisture in and reduces water loss
  • protects against dryness and keeps you skin soft.

For optimal results:

Apply one to two pumps of facial oil in the evening to a clean skin, gently massaging over your face and neck. Allow to absorb.

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*Sweet Almond Oil, *Flaxseed Oil, *Macadamia Oil Infused by Plantain & Dandelion,*Hemp Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Oil,*Octyldodecanol /Black Currant Seed Oil /Sunflower Seed Oil/Unsaponifiables /Cardiospermum Halicacabum Flower Leaf /Vine Extract /Tocopherol/Sunflower Seed Oil /Rosemary Leaf Extract, Melissa Essential Oil, Sweet Lime Essential Oil,

*Indicates Certified Organic Ingredients


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