Wellness Skin Care – 24/7 Set

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Products Included:

  • Hair and Body Wash (250ml)
  • Face and Body Moisturiser (125ml)
  • Facial Oil (50ml)
  • Roll- on Deodorant (60ml)

Perfect for:

  • For a healthy and natural skin care routine
  • Practical and beautiful gifts
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What are the ingredients in Sestra Care Solution Skincare products?

Quandong Extract is a natural solution targeting:

  • protection against UV radiation and skin pigmentation
  • skin barrier against harmful free radicals
  • protect the skin from dryness inflammation, increases skin elasticity
  • help skin combat damage from harmful UV rays

Davidson plum extract targeting:

  • anti-aging,
  • wrinkle prevention
  • reducing UV damage
  • anti-acne
  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant applications in skincare

Australian Sandal Wood targeting:

  • reduction of fine lines
  • improved skin tone
  • skin hydration
  • increasing dermal strength 


Desert Lime targeting:

  • Hydration
  • de-pigmentation
  • collagen synthesis, wrinkle reduction
  • anti-aging

Hemp Seed Oil targeting:

  • Tired and dehydrated skin
  • Hair care
  • Anti-aging
  • Nourishment
  • Skin tone
  • hydration

Lilly Pilli Extract targeting:

  • skin repair
  • UV damage
  • whitening /dark spots reduction
  • anti-aging 

Other ingredients in our products that have been used and proven to be beneficial not only to our skin but for our general health and wellbeing:

Aloe Vera: All wash, Skin Moisturiser, Deodorant, Roll on

Australian honey: Moisturiser

Almond Oil: Facial oil

Shea Butter: Body balm

Coconut Oil: Skin Moisturiser, Body Balm, Facial oil

Macadamia Oil: Skin Moisturiser, Facial Oil

Olive Oil: Body balm

Dandelion Extract: Facial Oil

Anicic Acid: Body and Hair Wash

Beeswax: Body balm

Guar Gum: Hair and body wash

Tea tree Oil: Body balm

Organic and natural preservatives

Preservatives that are used are 100% natural and organically certified. In all our water-based products we use the German 100% Natural and organic certified preservatives: *Glyceryl Caprylate / Glyceryl Undecylenate - Cosphaderm® GeMix *p- Anisic Acid - Cosphaderm® pAS natural

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Wellness Skin Care

Wellness Skin Care – 24/7 Set

1 review for Wellness Skin Care – 24/7 Set

  1. adinasestra

    My daughter gave me a gift, the 24/7 skincare pack from Sestra Care Solutions, I was extremely expressed; by the look of the product the quality of the products, and the practicality of the product.
    I found the body wash to be creamy and scented nicely not overpowering like some shampoos and body washes I have bought in the past.
    I found shampoo and body wash in one bottle very practical.
    The face and body moisturizer were smooth, conditioning, absorbent into my skin quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth
    I never used face oil before. I was very surprised as I found it to be light and absorbent into my dry skin, without feeling oily and greasy at all, and gave my skin a glow. I love this product,
    Overall I was extremely impressed with all of these products. And by recently having a hospital stay, they were very compact and easy to pack with me being in a handy pouch.
    They were easy to use and mess-free and greatly beneficial to my skincare routine.
    I highly recommend this product to everyone.
    xxx Silvana V

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