Internet Advertising Policy

Sestra Care Solutions Internet Advertising Policy

These terms and conditions (Terms) apply to goods (Products) supplied by Sestra Care Solutions™ (Sestra Care Solutions) to a third party for advertisement (Third Party), in addition to any other terms and conditions that may apply to the supply of those Products.

These Terms govern the advertising of Products by the Third Party via the Internet, including through the Third Party’s website and/or other online advertising platforms such as social media and accounts (collectively, Sites). By advertising Sestra Care Solutions Products, the Third Party will be deemed to have accepted these Terms.

Sestra Care Solutions agrees to allow the Third Party to advertise the Products on the Existing Terms and the Terms set out below:

  1. The Third Party must not advertise any Products via the Internet other than in accordance with these Terms.
  2. The Third Party must not sell any Products via the Internet without Sestra Care Solutions’ prior written permission.
  3. The Third Party must comply with any notification from Sestra Care Solutions directing that any specific Product must not be advertised on the internet.
  4. Sestra Care Solutions may issue such a notice for any reason including if Sestra Care Solutions determines that the Product has not been truthfully advertised, or breaches any trademark agreement.
  5. The Third Party may use Sestra Care Solutions’ intellectual property (including trademarks, logos and Product images) on the Internet for the purpose of promoting Sestra Care Solutions Products to which that intellectual property relates, provided that:
  1. Sestra Care Solutions has not issued a notice in respect of that Product under clause 4; and
  2. all such use is strictly in accordance with any written directions provided by Sestra Care Solutions.
  1. The Third Party must seek Sestra Care Solutions’ express written permission prior to using any Sestra Care Solutions intellectual property on the Internet in any way other than as described in clause 5.
  2. Sestra Care Solutions reserves the right to not supply intellectual property to the Third Party for advertising purposes if Sestra Care Solutions understands the Third Party does not comply with these Terms or the Existing Terms.
  3. The Third Party must keep these Terms, and any correspondence related to these Terms, strictly confidential.