Bibs for Adults

Clothing Protectors for Adults

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The full length of the adult bib, when unfolded, is 65 cm (photo is with fabric style B version).

Bibs for adults

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Our adult bibs subtle design for both men and women hides stains, increasing confidence during mealtime.


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Washable, reusable and waterproof bibs with an optional crumb catcher.

Adult bibs provide a simple and practical solution to protect clothing during mealtimes. Our waterproof fabric bibs promote dignity, inclusion and support. This helps to provide a comfortable dining experience for the less able individuals in a home or care environment.

Our adults bibs measurements:

  • The full length of the bib when unfolded is 65 cm.
  • The width of the bib is 44 cm.
  • The length of the bib when the crumb catcher is folded up is 53 cm.

Bibs for adult features:

  • Bibs available in 3 styles (A, B & C)
  • Clothing protector with snap closure at the back of the neck
  • ​Bibs with durable vinyl backing that makes them leak-proof and offers good quality clothing protection
  • Bibs size fits all
  • Generous amount of body coverage (Measurements 64cm x 44cm)
  • Bibs come with an option of crumbs catcher, 2 snaps at the front that allows snapping the base of the bib to create a pocket (crumb catcher).

Bibs for adults with crumb catcher

Adult bibs comes with an inbuilt crumb catcher, designed to prevent any food elements to drop into the lap or floor. Our bibs for adults with pocket snaps undone can be worn layered with your upper clothing as cardigans or shirts.

Machine Washable – Our ​adult bibs ​are 100 percent machine washable.

Our bibs for adults are washable and reusable and therefore you won’t have to waste money on disposable bibs.

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Fully Waterproof bibs:  ​Our​ waterproof bibs ​feature a durable vinyl backing that make them leakproof and offer superior protection. Unlike inferior ​adult bibs for women​ and men, our ​bibs for adults ​are crafted from materials designed to stand the test of time. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed when shopping with Sestra Care

If you don’t love our ​large bibs for adults, simply return your clothing protector ​for a complete refund.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and outstanding quality.

What is a bibs for adult clothing protector?

Are you caring for a person that needs assistance or has difficulty feeding themselves due to disability, frailty and other medical conditions?

Clothing protectors are designed to assist and enhance an individual’s dining experience, keeping clothing clean and dry and shielded from unwanted dampness, spills, stains or odours.

The adaptable pocket design catches food but also enables quick removal of leftovers by undoing the snaps.

Sestra Care Solution’s high-quality clothing protector brings dignity, comfort and practicality to you and your loved ones.

bibs for adults shop online

The length of the adult bib when the crumb catcher is folded up is 53 cm (photo is with fabric style B version).

bibs for adults shop online

The width of the adult bib is 44 cm (photo is with fabric style B version).

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