Clothing Protectors (adult bibs) enhance your and your loved ones dining experience.

Sestra Care clothing protector to assist the sick with meals

Clothing protector (adult bib) with an ultimate crumb catcher.

Sestra Care high-quality clothing protectors promote dignity, inclusion and practicality in homes, health and aged care facilities.

Do you have a special eating routine due to coordination difficulties caused by disability, frailty, and other medical conditions?

Sestra Care Clothing protectors are our solution to assist you in managing your nutrition. To support you in keeping meals as the highlights of the day,

Clothing protectors (adult bibs) will protect your clothing from unwanted dampness, spills, stains, and odours.

They will keep you and the condition of your clothing neat and presentable throughout the day. Saving you the energy and the concern of needing to get changed after a meal.

The unique feature of Sestra Care adult bibs.

Each adult bib comes with an inbuild crumb catcher designed to prevent any food elements from dropping into their lap or onto the floor.

Food scraps and fluid drops on the floor are safety issues; for yourself and for the people around you. They can cause slips and falls with serious consequences.

The adaptable pocket design catches food but also enables quick removal of leftovers by undoing the snaps.

Our bibs, with pocket snap undone, can be worn layered with your upper clothing under or over a cardigan or simply over the shirt.

Meal assistance for aged and people with disability. Adult bib in

Promoting dignity, independence and inclusion.

Due to the design and material choice — it can be easily wiped clean or laundry washing. The durable fabric construction and design make them soft and leak-proof offering superior protection.

 Sestra Care clothing protectors are designed to stand the test of time.