Adaptive clothing open back v-neck long t-shirt with cap sleeve for men sea green – Alex

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Product Description

Adaptive clothing with open back, long shirt, clothes for elderly in nursing home, clothing for people with disabilities, caring clothing, hospital gowns, bedridden patients

Featuring an elegant and convenient open-back design, Sestra Care Solutions’ adaptive cap sleeve T-Shirt, in sea green, is the perfect solution to hassle-free, dignified and comfortable clothing.

  • Open back clothing apparel
  • 24/7 look
  • Poly/Cotton knits, soft on the skin, breathable, industrial washing machines and dryer friendly
  • Open back shirt without studs, buttons, straps or zips
  • V-neck
  • Printed sections for ID labelling
  • Practical clothing choice for home care, care facilities and rehabilitation centres

The fabrics we use are breathable, light in weight, skin friendly and flexible with a general stretch and hold their colour and shape. They are dryer and industrial washing machine friendly. We eliminated the need for any studs, buttons, straps or zips – items that may cause skin and body injuries and are hard to maintain. We have chosen to print a label on the inside of the garment that can have a name written with a permanent marker for easy identification. The colour and design of our apparel shirt provides an opportunity to be worn 24/7 and can be dressed up or down, without looking like a night shirt. The unique cross-back design empowers individuals and their carer to dress and undress effortlessly which allows them to adapt to new lifestyle needs with dignity.

Cotton blend.

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