Washable. Reusable and Waterproof, with an optional Crumb Catcher.

Sestra care Adult Bibs provide a simple and practical solution to protect clothing during mealtimes. Our waterproof fabric bibs promote dignity, inclusion and support. We facilitate to provide a comfortable dining experience for the less able individuals in a home or care environment.
Bib Features

  • Snap closure at the back of the neck
  • ​Durable vinyl backing that make them leak proof and offer good quality protection
  • One size fits all
  • Generous amount of coverage (Measurements 64cm x 44cm)
  • Crumbs Catcher, 2 snaps at the front that allows to snap the base of the bib to create a pocket (crumb catcher).

Machine Washable

Our ​adult bibs ​are 100 percent machine washable.

Crumb Catcher
Each ​adult versatile bib​ comes with an inbuilt crumb catcher, designed to prevent any food elements to drop into your lap or floor. Our bibs with pocket snaps undone, can be worn layered with your upper clothing as cardigans or shirts. It also prevents to catching all the junk staying in the pockets after a meal or Laundry.



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