Shopping for clothing for your elderly parent and friends living in an aged care facility.

Jul 8, 2022

If you think that it’s time to update your elderly parent or friend’s wardrobe here is some shopping advice from my personal and professional experience as a carer: and would like to have some shopping advice…

There are three main elements that will help you to choose clothing that will support and add to your loved ones’ care and well-being.

Garments fabric (fabrics the clothing is made of)

Fabrics that are soft, and breathable, with a bit of general stretch and a natural blend make the garments protect and feel comfortable on the skin, which will help to prevent allergies, itchiness, and discomfort in taking the garments on and off.

Garment Style (the design of the clothing)

The style and colour of garments can conceal or draw attention to our body shape and features. Being aware of the preferences and needs of your loved ones will help you to make the colour and styles adjustment that will reflect their personal choice and make them most comfortable in that clothing.

Clothing items with fewer accessories (buttons, snaps, Velcro, or zips) promote safety, and a degree of independence as well as play a role in preventing skin injuries.

Garment Size (clothing size fitted to the body measurements)

Having the basic body measurement of your loved one helps you to establish the right garment size to purchase. The fact is that every clothing brand differs in size.

A loose-fitted, to-size garment of the right length, clothing that keeps the back, shoulders and bony areas covered, provides dignity, warmth, and protection to our loved ones.

In a care setting, clothing options and choices influence a person’s functionality, safety, self-care, and dignity.


Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.

Bill Cunningham