Dressed in warmth and dignity.

May 31, 2022

As our coldest season has just begun, we have rearranged our wardrobes and sorted out the clothing we won’t need for the next couple of months.

We’ve made sure we have clothing in our wardrobe that we find comfortable, that will keep us warm, and make us feel good.

Many factors contribute to our decision-making process of what clothing we need to have in our wardrobe.

These include the location/climate we live in, the lifestyle we have and the garments we love to wear on the regular basis. Usually, we do not have any issues choosing and organising what we wear.

But….to organise and be responsible for the clothing that someone else is to wear can be a big task and is even more difficult if it is for someone who, due to health issues or age, resides in a care facility. The responsibility for supplying clothing for the resident ends up with their family.

We will often hear a common response from a resident: “my daughter/son knows me best”. This phrase is usually said when a big decision is to be made and at times, this can be overwhelming. The special bond between parent/child will never change.

The clothing choice suitable for individuals in care is primarily determined by functionality, comfort, and possibilities because of medical issues.

But we all know for ourselves and our loved ones that clothing plays a greater role than just practical necessity. Positive emotions are often lifted by wearing clothing complemented by others.

Being well dressed makes a person feel confident and beautiful and more energised. When a person feels more energised, they are generally more active and engaged to socialise and be comfortable in the community.

Next time when you visit your loved one (either in a residential care facility or home) take some time to look through their wardrobe.

If they are in a care facility, it may be beneficial to talk to a staff member/carer to see if there is something that needs to be updated or changed.


How can this be done and where do you start?

Start by Decluttering the wardrobe

Leave only the items that are intact and fit your loved ones’ current body shape and size and are adapted to fit your loved ones’ present lifestyle.  the unused items must not be left in the room they need to be given away, disposed of, or repurposed for causes.


Get Consultation and advice

Talk to your loved ones’ favourite carer (I can reassure you they will have more to say than a staff member) about what type of clothing your loved one seems to like, enjoy, and feel most comfortable in. Care staff may recommend you get to the supplies of adaptive clothing specifically designed for seniors and people with special needs and require a high level of care.


Make sure to supply clothing that:

Is of the right size and is of good quality (Suitable for industrial laundry)

Looks good and is comfortable on the body, and promotes safety

Improves personal care and the dressing experience


You will see the benefits of an organised wardrobe

Elimination of excessive and unnecessary spending of money as well as the improvement of residential wellbeing.


 Bring style, empowerment, and choices to your loved ones’ care.